Airbrush Makeup Canberra

Estella Artistry provides a Professional Airbrush Makeup Service

Would you like that special touch to your wedding? How about try airbrush makeup! Ask for your complimentary airbrush makeup at your trial!

wedding makeup artist, airbrushing, airbrushed foundationWhat is Airbrushed Makeup?

Airbrush makeup is a light-weight makeup applied through an air gun machine that produces a thin, even layer of makeup and creates a very matte finish. As the makeup is sprayed on, it connects with the skin as millions of droplets of formula.The formula can create an even, sheer, natural appearance to the skin that is sometimes less heavy then traditional makeup. The finish can be more dewy or matte depending on the desired look. Airbrushing is very popular for weddings as it is known for its longevity on the skin (be it a humid Queensland summer’s day or a cold Melbourne winter’s wedding!), its beautiful natural flawless finish, its light feel to the skin and the extra special glamor to the big day!

Does airbrushed makeup suit anyone?

Shae uses water and silicone based airbrushing liquids dependent on the skin type, texture, age and sensitivity of the client. Foundations shades are always custom designed  to suit the skin color. Where colour correcting is needed, Shae is able to custom make the correct shade for your skin to create that beautiful, flawless makeup!

Airbrushed vs Traditional Makeup?

Airbrushing is fantastic option due to the points above. Traditional makeup is no less amazing, it is simply applied differently with different finishes to the look. Estella Artistry holds over 6 different foundation types to suit the client individually. At the start of each makeup, Shae will always consult with the client on her desired look, her skin condition and any concerns she has with sensitivity. From here, we can tailor the perfect products for you! This is what separates a professionally makeup artist from the rest. Whether you opt for traditionally applied or airbrushed makeup, Makeup Artist Shae is sure to make you feel like an absolute superstar!