Wedding Makeup Preparation

Wedding Makeup Preparation 101

On your wedding day, you want to look and feel your very best! When I take on a bridal client, I try to prepare them as much as possible for my services so both of us can relax and enjoy the morning. However, this preparation also includes plenty of information regarding how to have your skin looking in tip top shape for your wedding day. Skin care should start months before your wedding, in truth is should be a constant procedure your entire life. Being in Australia, the sun is fierce and the weather can easily damage our skin so we are more prone to seeing the effects on our bodies. Here are some of my top tips for getting your skin beautiful:


Eat healthy foods

Eating healthy food makes a huge difference. Eating loads of fruits and vegetables, and foods which are high in anti-oxidants – like berries, nuts and legumes – help to repair your skin. Avoid foods high in salt and sugar, as well as alcohol (making an exception for your hens night, or course!). It is also a good idea to take vitamins on a daily basis. If you drink coffee, try and minimize the cups per day as well!


Drink H2O

This is the most important thing you can do for your wedding makeup preparation. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. Water cleans your skin improving its texture and quality, and eliminates blemishes and imperfections.


Develop a strict skin care regime

It is so important to cleanse, tone, and moisturize twice daily (in the morning, and in the evening). You don’t have to use expensive products. Supermarket brands such as ‘Simple’ and ‘Sukin’ can be just as effective as the more expensive brands (and are better than nothing!). The main thing is that your skin is clean. Never go to bed with makeup still on your face!!! This is a big no-no! Your skin needs to breath, particularly when you sleep, so even if you are extremely tired, wipe off that eye-makeup and cleanse the skin before bed. If you really have no energy, invest in a packet of makeup remover towelettes from the supermarket and use those to clean your face after a late night. Again, it’s better than nothing


It is important to GENTLY remove your eye makeup. You can use an eye-makeup remover for this, although, a cheap and effective way is to wet the eye and remove the makeup with sorbolene crème on a cotton makeup pad. Use gentle upward and downward strokes. You will be surprised how easy it comes off.


Exfoliate at least once a week

It is important to exfoliate at least once or twice a week. Micro-dermabrasion is very effective, and these days you can buy at-home kits relatively cheap. Remember to always do a patch test first and always follow with a good moisturizer.  If you have a bit more money to spend, professional micro-dermabrasion might be a good idea. A great one I like is REN’s Glycolaticren skincare, bridal preparation, skincare weddings, canberra makeup artist, ren glycolactic peel, facials, bridal makeover, wedding makeupSkin Renewel Peel Mask. This can be found at Mecca. It is expensive, but you get about 12 mask treatments out of it and it is the one mask where personally I have seen a big improvement in skin texture and brightness. Another recommendation is Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel. This is a great anti-aging product, which tightens skin, eliminates dullness, micro-exfoliates, calms and soothes the skin.



If you are steadfast about getting a facial before your wedding, remember this…. the purpose of a facial is to draw out impurities… and often lead to break outs. If you have never had a facial before, please schedule one in at least a few months before your wedding, and get them done regularly right up until the wedding. Do not take a risk by getting a facial done for the first time a week or two before the wedding. Chances are it will not go as planned and you’ll end up with skin you would rather not have on your wedding day! Some people react terribly to facials (especially those with acne problems). However, then there are some people who say the results are fantastic! Talk to your beautician first and find out what is best for you!



Any facial waxing should be done at least 3 days before your wedding. Visit a  professional brow shaper/beautician who you have been to. I have had brides who have gone to someone new the day before and had some terrible results (including burning the skin which left blisters!). So, the moral is – get it done by your regular beautician!

Use a sunscreen

Apply sunscreen to your face and neck daily. Many moisturizers and day crèmes come with an in-built sunscreen, which is useful and beneficial for your wedding makeup preparation.

Sun exposure can be harmful to your skin, so avoid long periods in the sun unprotected, and also avoid tanning. If you are using a fake tan or spray on tan it is important to have a ‘trial’ at canberra makeup artist, fake tan for weddings, spray tan wedding canberra, st tropez, bridal skin care, bridal facial, bridal canbera, wedding makeupleast a few months before your wedding. You will be shocked how many brides end up looking ‘orange’ on their wedding day! Not a good look. A great DIY option is St Tropez Mousse applied with a St Tropez Mitt. This can create an even, long lasting fake tan that does not smell to icky or transfer !

There’s nothing wrong with going ‘natural’… Healthy, fresh, pale, fair skin is very fashionable these days!

What to do – Your Trial day

Make sure you have started your skin care regime! Healthy, happy skin will always stand out and make you look radiant! Make sure for your trial your skin is clean and has been recently exfoliated. You do not need to apply moisturizer, as I will pamper your skin before your make-up is applied with some of the best skincare products around! Please make sure you have no mascara on. If you do need to apply mascara that morning, make sure it is not waterproof.

What to do – 1 week before your wedding

Make an appointment to your regular beautician to get your brows waxed, facials etc. A gentle exfoliation before your wedding day can help your skin glow. I suggest fake tanning is done 1-2 days prior to your wedding. Drink plenty of water!


What to do – On your wedding day

When you wake up, I recommend drinking 2 glasses of water straight away. This instantly hydrates your body ready for the big day ahead of you! Clean your skin and moisturize your face. Try not to put make-up on as it is good for your skin to breathe and be clean before the make-up artist arrives. Moisturize your body all over to make your skin glow! I recommend RoseHip or Sweet Almond Oil as it soaks in to the skin whilst giving it a luminous quality. The rest is up to your personal Make-up Artist to make you look more radiant and feel great!

The mentioned recommendations are my personal favorites. Please note I am not a skin specialist, but I have seen some amazing results with these products. Always spot test products before using them and when in doubt, consult your beautician or skin care specialist.

Good luck with your skin preparation, and remember if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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